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Tourism is facing increasing challenges in ensuring the quality of services, developing innovative products, attracting new customers and demanding marketing approaches. The right direction is especially decisive in the post-viral period, when we encounter changed circumstances and the habits of visitors.

We have invited experienced lecturers to our group, who will share with you practical experiences from leading positions in the tourism sector.
Because we are aware that the management and development of a tourist destination increasingly depends on the knowledge and experience of DMMO employees and on the quality and educated staff of tourism providers, we offer a set of lectures and workshops. Based on many years of experience of lecturers in various fields, the trainings are designed to provide students with the most appropriate and concrete knowledge for quality further work.

Lectures and workshops can be adapted to your wishes and needs of the destination.
We are also available for a mentoring program or counseling.

List of lectures

Workshops for investments in accommodation facilities

Renovation, expansion or new building?

Workshop for tourist farms, camps, hotels, apartments, glamping etc.

For investors in accommodation facilities, we organize an individual 8-hour workshop for of accommodation facilities and tourism investment management. The workshops are conducted by internationally renowned experts in the field of tourism investments.

The workshop includes:

  • review of the existing situation
  • review of existing project and other documentation
  • preparation of the basic product concept of the accommodation facility in order to define the key elements of the investment in accordance with current international trends in the development of accommodation facilities (recommended in the presence of an architect)

The workshop will help you with the correct implementation and cost and content optimization of the investment. In this way, you will use the available financial resources for the investment correctly and efficiently and also redirect from less important elements of the product itself to higher income elements.

Workshops are held with each invester individually.

Quality in tourism

With help of practical examples, the workshop will address the following topics:

  • What is quality and what are the specifics in the tourism sector?
  • What are the key factors in designing tourism services?
  • Common mistakes and opportunities when designing a service?
  • Quality assurance tools and methods.
  • Ritz-Carlton - an example of good practice.
  • Key elements of a quality assurance.

Product development in tourism

1. Leisure tourism:

  • What products are the best for a specific region and how to design a product?
  • How to adapt the product for a specific target group?
  • How to adapt or inovate an existing product according to trends in tourism?
  • How to design a niche product?
  • How to do a network of service providers in the region?
  • What do we understand as a 5-star experience and how to attract a "luxury" guest?

2. Business or. MICE tourism:

  • Possibility of developing incentive programs in terms of potential and supply.
  • Design of incentive programs.
  • Search for alternative locations for business meetings or. conference.
  • How to encourage innovation of service providers and development of the existing service to meet MICE standards?

Marketing and sales in tourism

We will focus on this topics:

  • How to be effective in a rapidly changing situation?
  • How to adapt and be prepared?
  • How to stand out and attract attention?
  • How to sell experiences?
  • What is and what is not suitable for a specific market?
  • How to properly design and present an offer for a specific target group (service, pricing policy, sales, promotion)?
  • Why attend fairs?
  • How to sell? How to close a deal? How to develop the right sales tools?
  • Sales tools (templates, brochures, website).
  • Revenue management.

Trends in the development of accommodation facilities

During workshop we will focus on the following questions:

  • How to properly start preparing an investment?
  • How is a feasibility study prepared?
  • What should market research show us?
  • How to get acquainted with trends and design a product and thus be one step ahead of the competition?
  • How to prepare the content part of the project task, which is the basis for working with architects and interior designers?
  • Hotel architecture and design: Is this “evil” or the key to profitability?
  • A natural conflict between investors, architects and interior designers.
  • The amount of the planned investment and the expected return on investment achieved.

Cultural heritage as a motive for the development of tourist products

We will get to know following themes:

  • Heritage as a resource for the development of tourism products.
  • Elements of heritage in modern times and adequacy of interpretation.
  • What are my target groups and target markets?
  • Examples of good and bad practice.
  • Review and analysis of the cultural heritage of an specific local area.
  • Basic elements of tourist products.
  • Interpretation of selected content.
  • Practical part - synthesis.


Miro Hribar

Miro Hribar is a co-founder in the director of Intours DMC, one of the most successful DMC companies in Southeast Europe, which has offices in France, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia, Great Britain and the USA. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of travel agencies and more than 15 years of experience in the field of destination organizations, it covers the field of creative management services, development incentive programs, planning business meetings at conferences, organizing events and external teambuildings.

Tomislav Čeh

Tomislav Čeh has more than 20 years of experience in the hotel and tourism industry. After a successful career as a general manager in various hotel and tourism companies (Globtour Prague, Globtour Ljubljana, Postojna Cave, LifeClass Hotels & Spa, etc.), he joined the Vienna PKF hotelexperts. Years ago, he led the rehabilitation of the largest Ljubljana hotel company, Union hoteli d.d., in Slovenia. Today, he is a senior consultant at one of the largest and most important consulting companies in the global tourism industry, PKF hotelexperts, based in Vienna. He is also active on the "start up" scene as a co-founder of the company Smartest HR, which deals with personnel management in tourism.

Nuša Šolar

Nuša Šolar is the co-founder and director of the company SmartestHR d.o.o., which operates in the field of consulting and personnel management in tourism. Prior to that she was in charge of marketing and sales management in Union Hotels d.d. Nuša is a person with a convincing approach who tackles new challenges with enthusiasm and optimism. She is a marketing and sales expert with extensive experience in communication with key customers and B2B and B2C sales. He has in-depth experience in the areas of work organization, motivating and leading teams, optimizing business processes, reward systems, launching new products and negotiating with the largest partners.

Peter Črnič, Bravina d.o.o.

After completing his studies of quality and environment in tourism at the Univesidad Barcelona, Peter Črnič gained his first hotel experience in the prestigious Ritz-Carlton chain, where he participated in the introduction of a corporate quality system in their hotel in Barcelona. After returning to Slovenia, he managed the Hotel Golf Grad Mokrice, and for the 10 years, as the director of the development agency RIC Bela krajina, he has been intensively involved in destination management. During this time, the number of overnight stays in the destination doubled, and they were successful mainly in the field of sustainable tourism development, which was partly accelerated by the establishment of a business incubator within the organization. He is mainly interested in quality models in tourism and sustainable development of destinations.

Gregor Jevšček, Bravina d.o.o.

As an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist, Gregor Jevšček is involved in the development of new tourist products based on autochthony and local traditions. Cultural tourism is one of the main reasons for visiting tourist destinations, but its potential is far from being exploited. Slovenia's unique position at the intersection of three major cultural worlds offers us a unique opportunity for innovative products. Gastronomy, fairy tales, mythology, handicrafts, way of life, tangible and untangible heritage, natural resources, cultural landscape. This are just some of the the topics we can address. Let’s make them together a success sales stories. As part of his work as a destination manager of Bela krajina, he developed sustainably oriented solutions for the destination. He is a lecturer and project consultant, a tourist guide and a fan of Slavic mythology.