Bravina d.o.o. carries out project:

Name of the operation: Authentic experiences

Duration of the operation: 18.2.2019-30.10.2021

Description of the operation

The subject of the registered project is the development and innovation of products and the implementation of marketing activities in the company Bravina d.o.o. As part of the registered project, the company will deal with receptive tourism for small groups, the development of authentic tourist experiences and consulting in the field of tourist destinations and quality systems in the hotel industry.

Location: Metlika

Program area: Cohesion Region Eastern Slovenia

Operation co-financing: € 40,000.00

Objectives of the operation:

  • two employees
  • innovate existing products
  • to launch a product in the field of quality consulting in the hotel industry
  • product design for consulting in the development of tourist destinations
  • protect one intellectual property product with a trademark
  • implementation of marketing activities in domestic and foreign markets
  • purchase of basic equipment for the implementation of products
  • to raise added value per person above the average in the Republic of Slovenia
  • creating a sales network with partner travel agencies at home and abroad.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the Regional Development Fund.