Young Shepherd

The people of Bela krajina are extremely attached to sheep. We sing folk songs about them, we make products out of wool, excellent cheese from milk, gastronomnic delacacies. And of course shepherd games.

The family adventure of getting to know Bela Krajina life, traditional songs and music, visiting a farm, getting to know sheep and feeding, a creative wool felting workshop, traditional shepherd's games and a real shepherd's snack by the open fire with a Bela Krajina song. We meet at the Totter Eco Farm in village Griblje, from where we head to a hundred-year-old hayrack, where our Bela Krajina adventure starts. We will be accompanied by loops and riddles sheep and funy donkeys. The animation is suitable for families with children from 3-12. years of age and is carried out in any weather.

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Because meeting and socializing with sheep will be fun for the whole family. Children will have the opportunity to meet and meet sheep, make a souvenir and sweeten themselves with homemade juice. We will also play shepherd games and light a fire.


By agreement between May and November.


2 hours

Meeting Point:

Ekološka kmetija Totter, Griblje 13, 8332 Gradac

Recommended for:

Families with children from 3 to 15 years.

Experience Includes:

Animation lasting 2 hours, water, shepherd's snack


100€/family (4 persons), any extra person 15€/person



More info:

040 593 191

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Sliced home-made meats from the Totter Eco Farm: 5 € / person

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Bravina Experience Team

Peter Črnič
Peter Črnič
adventurer | leader | consultant

Peter has been lost countless times on his travels but always comes back with new adventures. Despite being an expert in the field of hospitality, he is in love with nature and should not surprise you if you meet him with a backpack in the middle of the forest.

Gregor Jevšček
Gregor Jevšček
tour guide | researcher | event manager

Gregor paddled, cycled, walked and otherwise researched Bela krajina. As an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist, he looks around every corner and everywhere discovers a fairy tale or a mythological hero hidden in the tree canopy or under the wooden beam of an ancient house.

PhD. Ana Logar
PhD. Ana Logar
traveler | chemist | researcher

In Erlenmeyer, Ana mixes science with tourism. It flashes a little, smokes a little and a new game is already being created. A professor of chemistry and physics, she is an enthusiastic traveler in Slovenia and foreign countries.