Kočevski Rog e-bike

Among the secrets of the Kočevje Germans and mighty forests. Cycle deep into the woods to the ruins of once mighty villages and explore Bela krajina from a bird's eye view.

The 600-year-old heritage of the intertwining of nature and human hands will be consciously inscribed in the hilly and forested world of Kočevski Rog. Mighty nature has created vast forests here, intertwined with man’s quest for a better life. It is the place of a bitter fate. After 600 years, Kočevarji become homeless again, deported abroad. Discover these mysterious places, full of beauty and full of stories in a nature-friendly way.

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Because with e-bikes you will easily experience and see more ...


On demand between April and October (depending on the weather)


3 to 4 hours, but it can be longer and depending on the stops

Meeting Point:

Center Gače, Komarna vas 123a, Semič

Recommended for:

families, couples, groups of friends

Experience Includes:

quality suspension e-bike rental, water, helmet, snack, professional guidance


Price: 85 € / adults (from 16 years), 55 € / children (between 12 and 15 years of age)

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More info:

Trail length: approx. 25 km

Difficulty: moderately demanding

Terrain: good forest gravel roads

Why with us?

Bravina Experience Team

Peter Črnič
Peter Črnič
adventurer | leader | consultant

Peter has been lost countless times on his travels but always comes back with new adventures. Despite being an expert in the field of hospitality, he is in love with nature and should not surprise you if you meet him with a backpack in the middle of the forest.

Gregor Jevšček
Gregor Jevšček
tour guide | researcher | event manager

Gregor paddled, cycled, walked and otherwise researched Bela krajina. As an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist, he looks around every corner and everywhere discovers a fairy tale or a mythological hero hidden in the tree canopy or under the wooden beam of an ancient house.

PhD. Ana Logar
PhD. Ana Logar
traveler | chemist | researcher

In Erlenmeyer, Ana mixes science with tourism. It flashes a little, smokes a little and a new game is already being created. A professor of chemistry and physics, she is an enthusiastic traveler in Slovenia and foreign countries.

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