A table full of delicacies. Tastes of Bela krajina are served with traditional Bela krajina dishes. From "belokranjska pogača" bread, lamb, mutton with sweet cabbage, millet sausages, to empty and buckwheat "potica" cake. Gastronomy delights with #BravinaExperience
Bravina Experience is an experience as seen by the locals. We like to swim in Kolpa river, we like to sing traditional songs, we have a wine toast with our friends in the vineyard cottage, we enjoy roast lamb and just hang out. We are a tourist agency specializing in Bela krajina region. #BravinaExperience
Tranquility and silence along the Krupa River. Mighty waters once powered many mills and sawmills. Discover all shades of green on a pleasant walk along the hiking trail. #BravinaExperience
Top quality wines are matured in Bela krajina's wine cellars. The whole range of red and white wines and sparkling wines, all the way to sweet predicates. Enjoy the taste on our travels. #BravinaExperience
The Kolpa River is the warmest and one of the cleanest Slovenian rivers. Swimming, canoeing, rafting and much more. Spend the day in unspoiled nature. #BravinaExperience
Avtentični teambuilding za podjetje. Druženje za prijatelje. Izlet za društva. Dovolite, da vam pripravimo odličen program. V Belo krajino.
Z električnim kolesom po Beli krajini ob reki Kolpi ali v Kočevski Rog. Za popotnike ni ovir. Pridružite se nam.
Odkrivajte mističnost gozdov v Kočevskem Rogu in 600 letno zgodovino kočevarskih Nemcev.
Ovac in iger. Animacijska igra, kjer se boste nasmejali do ušes.
Drašički izziv. Sprehodite se s kupico med zidanicami in po trtju in okušajte vrhunska vina.


Bravina is a small herd of local enthusiasts who will introduce you to interesting people, unusual adventures, and the laid-back Bela krajina lifestyle. If you find hiking through forests, chasing sheep, and wetting your whistle good fun, you’re in the right place.

Local and authentic

Bravina je belokranjska beseda za ovco starejšo od enega leta in hkrati tradicionalna belokranjska jed. Pod tem imenom smo se združili entuziasti specifičnih znanj, da vam Belo krajino predstavimo na avtentičen in inovativen način.

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Bravina Experience Team

Peter Črnič
Peter Črnič
adventurer | leader | consultant

Peter has been lost countless times on his travels but always comes back with new adventures. Despite being an expert in the field of hospitality, he is in love with nature and should not surprise you if you meet him with a backpack in the middle of the forest.

Gregor Jevšček
Gregor Jevšček
tour guide | researcher | event manager

Gregor paddled, cycled, walked and otherwise researched Bela krajina. As an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist, he looks around every corner and everywhere discovers a fairy tale or a mythological hero hidden in the tree canopy or under the wooden beam of an ancient house.

PhD. Ana Logar
PhD. Ana Logar
traveler | chemist | researcher

In Erlenmeyer, Ana mixes science with tourism. It flashes a little, smokes a little and a new game is already being created. A professor of chemistry and physics, she is an enthusiastic traveler in Slovenia and foreign countries.